The Middle-grade Story Contest is a monthly fiction-writing contest for students in U.S. grades 6-9. 

  • Prizes* are awarded to a monthly winner (*$25 Amazon gift card)

  • Winning stories will be produced in audio (see player on right)

  • Submission is FREE.

  • Unlike any other writing contest we know of, we give constructive feedback on EVERY submission. 

The focus of the MG Story Contest is on helping young writers learn the craft and improve their writing skills. We hope to foster a love for writing and reading as well as celebrating (and not avoiding) the editing and revision process. We also aspire to build a community among literary-minded youth.

The contest is sponsored by the Sally-Apokedak Literary Agency and managed by Nathaniel Hardman.

The Sunbelt - Winner for May 2021

Congratulations to Arden Pala of Francis Parker School for winning our first month's contest!


Read The Sunbelt here.